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Belstaff was founded in 1924, it is a British brand,because of its waterproof jacket and suitable for combat feature,the belstaff world-renowned. This Belstaff Jacket use the 'Wax Cotton' of the advanced Egyptian cotton, have warm and waterproof breathable properties, this is also the brand proud of characteristics at initial stage.

Belstaff use materials is bold, its founder Harry Grosberg wholeheartedly want to build a suitable for sport, waterproof, windproof and durable jacket. After several attempts, Harry made the first paragraph jacket with the long fibers Egyptian cotton, and with Belstaff as a brand. This excellent performance waterproof jacket, ideal for pilots and motorcycle riders.

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Belstaff Jacket Men: 50~60 years, Belstaff is the motorcycle enthusiasts most favorite leather jacket brand at that time, and it was the only brand to produce the leather jacket which uses the natural materials and advanced technology at that time. When a man wearing Belstaff to riding a motorcycle, it was really cool,have a kind of tough guy feeling. Belstaff Sale in Belstaff UK online store at low price.

Belstaff Jacket Women: Many women also like leather style clothing, young and energetic and handsome appearance really have a little more valiant taste. Belstaff has a variety of ladies leather jacket, the stitchcraft trend is smooth and fluent, impeccable craftsmanship, the exterior design is stylish and domineering. If you like this kind of clothes,come to buy belstaff.

Belstaff Jacket Sale: Belstaff as a global high-end lifestyle brand has became the representative of the British tradition and adventure spirit which is rely on their own unique style. And now Belstaff has been positioned as the UK's most valuable luxurious traditional sports brand. In the Middle East, Japan, the United States, Russia, Australia and South America all have a storefront.

Belstaff Jacket Price: Belstaff has a long history and rich experience of making clothes, it was created in London,it has appeared in the movie of superstar Marlon Brando at the early stage, and so it of great fame. It can be said that sponsoring Hollywood movie is one of the Belstaff publicity strategy, is not difficult to imagine that this strategy is very successful.

Belstaff is an international luxury fashion lifestyle brand, immersed in its unique British heritage. In Belstaff, the gutsy explorers and fashion lovers found a approachable modern luxury lifestyle from the Blestaff rich history archival. Belstaff balance the urban and rural life, is the authority brand of luxury outerwear field.

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